Our Crew

Our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of Elite Motion Studios. Their ideas help shape the direction of our business as it continues to develop, and they have the wherewithal to get every job done right.
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Joey Clarkson

Female Voiceover Artist

Joey Clarkson is an independent North American singer/songwriter and professional voice over artist living in London U.K. Joey has worked on voice over projects for brands including Spotify, Genpact, and SignEasy. With a vast background in acting and musical theatre, over 15 years of studio experience, and a top of the line home studio: she is perfect for bringing your next project to life. 

Joey's VO Demo (Energetic)

Laura Jenkins

Female Voiceover Artist

As a consistently five-star-rated professional and authentic British voice actor, I can offer you voiceovers that are suitable for all your project requirements, whether they be corporate, e-learning, advertorial, or audiobook content. I am confident in delivering professionally recorded and edited voiceovers, in a variety of tones from friendly and professional, to comedic or sarcastic. Having worked with Elite Motion Studios on a number of projects, I can vouch that the process is slick, with the quality delivered within deadlines.

Laura's VO Demo

JP Wright

Male Voiceover Artist

Hello I'm JP - Professional voice actor and accent coach with the ability to voice in over 30 different accents from around the world! My voice has appeared in many places from Television and Radio commercials ,E-Learning videos ,Podcasts, Animated films etc. I recently voiced a boxing promotion video for the women's world champion Katie Taylor which was broadcast to millions on Sky Sports and Dazn! My voice suits all projects and working with Elite Motion Studios has been great for my career. We are both motivated and want to deliver the best for our customers.

JP's VO Demo (British Accent)
JP's VO Demo (American accent)
Joey's VO Demo (Toned Down)

Ramsha Amir

Scriptwriter and Visual Illustrator

I have always been captivated by the art of storytelling. From a young age, I quickly absorbed the content of a variety of books and films. As I grew up, I  found that having an artistic outlet was the perfect way to express their thoughts, creativity, and imagination. I quickly fell in love with screenwriting and haven't looked back since, committing themself to a career as a professional Scriptwriter. Elite Motion Studios has provided me a valuable platform to deliver my services around the globe, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with them

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Haleema Sadia

Video Editor

As a professional video editor, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to help others through my work. I’ve worked in many different areas on a variety of projects, and I’m always looking for exciting new opportunities that force me to think outside the box. I love using my creative mind in new ways and am constantly looking for new sources of inspiration to stay on top of what’s happening. Working with Elite Motion Studios has been a blissful experience and I hope to continue working with them